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August 20, 2007, 9:35 am
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I know I’m biased but I’ve already been able to steal borrow a lot of people’s homework today. Find out what you might be able to pass off as your own reference here. I liked these:

  • Matt Dickman’s interview with Scott Beck the Marketing Director for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles- great to show some clients that not only can their brand use the web for emotional engagement, but widgets can engage people other than ‘the chess club’
  • Tell Ten Friend’s An Entry Level Guide to Video Blogging
  • And this lovely piece on serious games

Hurray for the gift economy that is the Age of Conversation.


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Hi Katie, talking of brands using the the web for emotional engagement… we’re working on a new online comedy project which I thought was right up your street.

Dan Fielding “Domestic God”

Dan fancies himself as the next Jamie Oliver, spliced with Domestic Goddess Nigella Lawson. His mission in life is to help 20- something guys take control of their chaotic home lives (and make himself rich and famous in the process). In his quest to be talent spotted by a TV producer, Dan has a MySpace page dedicated to his amazing domestic skills and his glamorous lifestyle. He has also created a series of clips which are basically tasters of a TV show “Domestic God” which Dan would like to make and star in.

You’ll laugh at Dan’s complete and utter arrogance, fame seeking and wannabe attitude – he could even teach a Z list celeb a lesson or two! Some people are so passionate that he is the most annoying thing to grace MySpace that they have created another MySpace page devoting to sending Dan up. All this “hate” activity is topped off with a disgruntled, unpaid editor who is currently uploading some rather embarrassing out-takes on You Tube.

Dan is clearly a complete product of the “I wanna be famous (and will do anything for it)” mentality, but he is also part of a riddle backed by a rather large brand…but can you guess which one it is?

Comment by harry

Katie — Glad you liked the interview with the Harley Davidson folks. Great idea in a regular post from other authors in the book!

Comment by Matt Dickman

“Harry”- seriously: did you just spam me? This post is about celebrating and championing the authors of The Conversation Age, recognising and rewarding their contribution and creating an entry point to explore their work.

Matt: I’m a huge fan of yours. HD is a client here so it was fantastic to be able to share the thinking behind their current digital work- thanks a million!

Comment by katiechatfield

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