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Not apologizing for philosophising
August 17, 2007, 8:48 am
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There once was a thinker called Plato
Who said “this world’s second rate-oh,
It’s just a poor copy
Of something less sloppy
Where all is precise and first rate-oh”

And then there’s a nod to Descartes:
“I hope that you’ve taken to heart
That without a safe line
To something divine,
Each is stuck at his self engrossed start.”

But cheer yourselves up my good friends
Though it’s true that the search never ends
We may each in our day
Have our personal say
And feel free to explore current trends.

The poem above mostly stolen and re purposed  from here.


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If I am the fuckwit who has caused the ‘creation’ of this poem [is in an innovation or an evolution, hahaha] I am sorry because I would never want to purposefully offend and I would still love to buy you a beer or 12 and discuss this more.

Yours humbley [spelty badly]


Comment by Rob @ Cynic

Rob-tastic! You are too funny. I adore a debate, I’m comfortable with the fact that I don’t know everything and enjoy the challenge of defending what I believe in.

I was having a play with the poem- it wasn’t an attack but a reminder to myself that this world ain’t perfect, that the strive for meaning does well when there is more than self interest on the line (I strive for humbley too), and when all’s said and done there are no right answers (’cause everything changes) and the process of looking at our human condition and at ourselves is a pretty interesting passtime.

In true Python sense I needn’t pay one pound for a five minute argument which, I hope, might consist of “a connected series of statements intended to establish a proposition”, when there are passionate, intelligent well informed people all over the place more than willing to disagree with me.

Beers are great, single malt is better- and I can offer you some of the best coffee in the country should you come to Sydney town.

Comment by katiechatfield

Thank God for that … I’ve got enough enemies on my plate without continually adding to them, ha!

Hope to see you in Sydney – as I said, I should go there to make sure my house is still in one bloody piece – but otherwise, I hope to catch you next time I’m there or if you’re up in Asialand.

Comment by Rob @ Cynic

No worries Rob. You’d have to be trying much harder to piss me off than merely having a difference of opinion!
To me an enemy is a long term commitment (they take up so much energy!) and not much into anything like that. Hope your house is OK. Godzilla hasn’t come out of the Harbour recently….

Comment by katiechatfield

Who needs Godzilla when you have Englishmen in the place 🙂

Comment by Rob @ Cynic

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