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Repetition and variation
August 11, 2007, 5:55 am
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Felix Jung  has used Flickr’s API search functionality to add dimensions the lyrics of Dan Frick’s lovely song  “Astronaut”  The content will never be the same-every time you watch it as each time the Flash file is loaded, new images are randomly pulled from Flickr use keywords in the song as trigger points.

The creator says:

Ultimately, I think that’s the way this project should be: new and surprising with each refresh. I like that it changes with each interaction; I like that it changes over time. In many ways, it’s also what I like about people: there is a lot of repetition, and there’s a whole lot of variation.

I watched it a couple of times- it’s intriguing how you try to create narratives to sequences of images even when you know that they’re random. The effect can be humorous but mostly it’s an unvarnished gentle celebration of the gift economy of Flickr and the beautiful work of both Felix and Dan.

Ahhh  Virgin Mobile….what might have been eh?

More about the project here. Thanks to Lovely Laura and Infosthetics for the find.


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I think it’s an interesting that you’ve called it na gift. I agree with you that it is a step on the ‘play nice’ field. I suppose it would be considered an art form or technical experience testing the API functionality. But I did actually think..Ooh did they ask permission? Before I realised that the photos were pulled randomly. Whether that makes it ‘right’ or not…

Comment by mixedlollies

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