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The big switch
August 8, 2007, 11:44 pm
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 I’m loving digital activism!

The Big Switch helps you take simple, effective action on climate change. Caring about climate change is the first step. The Big Switch gives you the tools to turn your thoughts into action.

To see how your local politician rates, and also access your personalised Action List, your first step is signing The Big Switch pledge of action.

Make personal lifestyle changes, spread the word to friends and get involved in your local community.

This are just the digital links, heaps of information and tool kits here. 




  • We know you write one! Write about The Big Switch in your blog with a link back to the website.


  • Include a line in your email signature (e.g. If you care about climate change, turn your thoughts into action with The Big Switch.)


Discussion Forums and Wikis

  • Use The Big Switch’s discussion forums here: Discuss and share resources
  • Mention The Big Switch in any online discussions you’re having.
  • Wikis allow you to add content or edit the information about various topics. Wikipedia is the best-known example, but there are many, many more. Here’s one to get you started; Envirowiki is an Australian wiki for people concerned about the environment.


  • We’re still putting together our YouTube account, so stay tuned.
  • Maybe you want to make your own video on climate change. Make sure you let us know!


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Looks good Katie. Nice work!

So you didn’t need to insert any code. Just uploaded the GIF and linked it back to the site?

Comment by Justin McMurray

Hi Justin
That’s right. WordPress will allow you to upload GIFs- sweet!
You might want to add those instructions and perhaps a little blog press release to the site(mine is probably a little long- but I was pretty excited about the fab job you’ve done on the digital activism side).

Comment by katiechatfield

[…] the election coming up there are a number of campaigns running to agitate some agenda setting on tackling climate change. And there are a number of advertisers me-too […]

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