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July 30, 2007, 9:47 am
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This is the sign on the soon to be hairdresser’s shop window just next to my favourite coffee shop downstairs from the office.

I’d never heard the term SOGO before-but I do love a made up word to create a sense of community. It is a buzzy little triangle of a suburbette undergoing rapid poshification. There’s so many creative agencies here that there’s a weekly soccer league. You can get everything from organic coffee to an espresso martini and you can have Facebook experiences of old colleagues and ex-boyfriends bumping into you as you cross the street or wait for the lift.

There’s still dark and deeply sad shadows to the place though. A couple of weeks ago I lost a wrestling match with a young fellow over my bag when I was walking home. His face did not register my presence at all. Recently I was waiting downstairs for a cab when an old duffer shuffled up to me in slippers in quite a state of distress whispering: “Where is it? I’ve lost it. Where has it gone?” It nearly broke my heart.

I see SOGO is fresh and vibrant and successful, and I know Surry Hills is old and rank and broken. They live side by side.

Light and shade are part of the whole and might be embraced equally. It’s so much more pleasant to live in rarefied towers than it is to live on the street, so much so that sometimes we forget that not everyone has the same choices, the same access to resources, or the incredible privileges of energy and ability that the creative class afford themselves.

What did you see today? What did you do about it?


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SOGO is the place to be in Slurry Hills

Comment by mixedlollies

Being mugged fucks me off. I had a similar misfortune, and wrote about it here:

Nice blog, btw..

Comment by Will

Cheers Will- yeah I’m more fucked off now that I realize just how much stuff I was carrying in that bag…walking home at night just isn’t the same, and I can’t help kicking myself that I ‘let’ it happen. Bugger.
My brother gave me a great bit of advice though- ‘Don’t let your world become smaller because of misfortune’. Nice one.

Comment by katiechatfield

Katie – I have exactly the same thoughts. But fuck potential muggers in the eye; I’m going to keep on living my life (though I may get a taxi home early in the morning next time).

Comment by Will

[…] keeping friends with Winter while this gadabout put on it’s Spring greenery and solely lead SOGO’s charge into the new […]

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I had a similar misfortune!

Comment by No Name

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