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8 things I know for sure
July 26, 2007, 8:37 am
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Way waaaaaaaaay back in December I was tagged with a meme, which was to reveal 5 personal things that most people don’t know about me.

My fellow Age of Conversation author,  C.B. from Flooring the Consumer tagged me here and has asked me to share a further 8 random things, so I’m playing in the personal philosophy card, 8 things I know for sure:

  1. Learning new languages not only teaches you more about your native tongue but can open up your mind
  2. Travelling provides an excellent opportunity to take out the personal trash, throw it out the window and leave it on the highway
  3. Collecting aphorism inspires brevity and wit
  4. It’s rare occasion when a smile is a bad way to start a conversation
  5. Saturday mornings must involve bacon and newspapers
  6. I need to see a big horizon- the beach or an uninterrupted sky on a regular basis
  7. I love my job- it’s creative and rigorous, it challenges and constantly pushes me to learn new things and to take the time to teach and inspire others
  8. Single malt whiskey is my favorite poison

So who to tag? C.B has asked for Aussies and some team building:

  • Adam because not only does he bake a wicked cupcake he is not at all afraid to disagree with me (rock on!)
  • James over and above his utter fabulousness, he’s a great partner in crime and world domination
  • The lovely Laura because she’s interested and interesting
  • Todd will intrigue and inspire
  • and
  • Matt because he frightened Joseph Jaffe when he was in Sydney by trying to explain complex systems. He’s brilliant.

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Katie, you are brilliant and play a delicious game of tag. Thank you!

Comment by C.B. Whittemore

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