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July 16, 2007, 8:05 am
Filed under: Digital Strategy

This week I’ve been variously inspired and terrified by:

  • Matt from EngineersWithout Fears, who has written possibly the best headline on a blog ever:
  • Robert over at Middle Zone Musings:

    “most of us have blind spots of some sort or another. (Don’t think it’s true? Really? If you dare, find a true friend. Ask them.) The problem, you see, is it’s been there all along; you’ve just gotten so used to it that you don’t even notice it anymore. You’re too close to it.”

    I’m loving where this is taking me- the importance of friends as true mirrors (they need to be both put in place and referred to) in combination with the discipline and self awareness required of keeping tabs on yourself.

  •  Jeff Flemings over at Digital Hive talking about a return to rigor:
    • “It’s important to think of a target audience in more granular terms that are actionable as well as inspiring, as well to apply some old fashioned rigor to thinking about what the communication goal is, along with how we use channels to accomplish the goal.”
  • The link between our ever increasing commuting times and social isolation:  
    • every ten minutes more of additional commuting time cuts all forms of social connection by 10%. So ten minutes more commuting time means 10% for your dinner parties, 10% for your dinners with the family, 10% for your club meetings and so on, and 20 minutes more commuting time means 20% less of all of those things
  • Sean being very brave, talking about fear
  • Drew and Gavin putting together the The Age of Conversation,  which Ad Age has a full length article up on. Buy it here.

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Kind of you to mention my post. I’ll have to take a look around…

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