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Just one week to go
July 9, 2007, 10:38 am
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Are you in?

Action! There’s an Art to the Emerging,  Engaging Conversations.

It’s Common Sense.  Build Bridges to your Customer’s Attention with Authenticity.


Cuthrough the Clutter. It’s all about Collaboration, (be Consistent) the Collective Consciousness Connects.

Breakthrough Barriers and the Bottlenecks of Brand Experience– don’t be a Bore.

Creating Customers is Capital: Facilitate the Face To Face, Follow Up in Full Circle fashion. It’s Ageless.

Give. Grow. Be Human. Be Happy. That’s the Idea.

Governments, Grandmothers and News Hounds agree. Non-Conversation is Not Enough.  Internationalization and Invitational Intimacies make Local Media a Monkey.

Listen: there’s no Limit to the Lifeblood Conversation can pump, no Love Lost– only Opportunity.

It’s a People Paradigm, a Renaissance of Real World, Real Relationships and Revelation. The Restorative Rules are: Start, Share, Speak Up, Shout Out, Start Songs, be Strong, Share again.

It’s not just Television any more Toto!

Think. Talk. Hug a blogger.

Visualize the Ultimate Two Step Thead that dances between Value and Viral– it’s User Centered. Don’t be Unnconnected.

Give Voice to the Voiceless. Give Warmness to Wallflowers

It’s the Age of Conversation.


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Hey Katie, this is an awesome post! And a very creative way of sharing link love. I’m Arun ‘Rules’ Rajagopal in here 🙂 I’m sure your post will have the rest of the crew think about innovative ways of publicizing the list of authors. There, you got me thinking already. Tc.

Comment by arunrajagopal

Ka-ka-katie you rock! This is such a beautiful post and one of the most creative I’ve seen. You’re such a smartie but far more about soul. Is it possible not to love you?

No, it’s just not possible. Thank YOU for joining the convo…it’s so much better with you here 😉

Comment by CK

Katie: The awesomness is crazy good! Nice post. And here I thought I was cool putting everyone in red!

Comment by Moda di Magno

Truly great post, really creative. Good stuff.

– Kris

Comment by Kris Hoet

Killer post! Naturally I had to read every single word to find the reference to me (Two Step). What fun. Thanks for being so creative with what would otherwise have been a boring list of names.

Comment by Connie Reece

Very nicely done, Katie! Great creativity demonstrated here. 🙂

Comment by Robert Hruzek

dude, that’s awesome!

Comment by Paul McEnany

Hey, thanks guys! I was lucky enough to be a proof reader for The Age of Conversation and I really wanted to celebrate the energy and creativity of the whole.
What I’ve tried to do is match each author’s URL with a key word from the title of their chapter, in addition to bringing to life the discussion.
Glad you enjoyed it!

Comment by katiechatfield

Am I in? I am soooo in.

Comment by Gavin Heaton

Hey Katie,
WOW ! ! ! What a beautiful and creative way to honor the ebook. Thank you so much. : )

Comment by mindblob

Great post, Katies. Just a great post.

Comment by Mark Goren

I’ve been wondering how to make the extremely long credit link interesting for a few days to no avail. Well done Katie!

Comment by Stan Lee

I’m in, for sure.

Comment by David Reich

That’s too awesome! Great post!

Comment by Emily

That was a treat! Nicely done.

Comment by David Armano


Comment by Faris

Katie, brilliantly done!

Comment by C. B. Whittemore

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