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I wanna be free to know the things I do are right
July 1, 2007, 4:29 am
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Have just had a lovely Sunday morning having a chat with the tremendously charming and ever interesting Sean from CrapHammer for the next vodcast of Eat, Sleep Blog.

We rambled about:

I’m not sure when or how it can be edited down to make sense to anyone else….but I look forward to be able to share the results!


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Looking forward to it myself 😉

Comment by Gavin Heaton

lol. You left out Gaving’s experimentation with bluetooth devices.

And based on my past track record editing these babies you will only have to wait 2 weeks to see the results, Katie! 😉

Comment by Sean Howard

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mmm…I’ve left out much more than that!
There was bad grammar (me), a complete inability to navigate from right to left(me again), introduction of desk friends (mine don’t talk and aren’t the least Presidential) and confessions of shared uber nerdy teenage pass times…

Comment by katiechatfield

[…] I wanna be free to know the things I do are right […]

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