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It’s in the bag baby!
June 26, 2007, 2:51 am
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Market research, manufactured stimulus, groups- when I think of all the money that is spent to get people to tell us who they are….

 …..and all you need to do is look in Flickr: search under ‘what’s in my bag’


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A few months ago, I read about a woman who was putting out a book about what’s in women’s purses. She based the book on a small sample her market research/trends company did, but the article didn’t mention the Flickr group, “what’s in my bag” (which includes pics of my own bag). So I emailed her and asked if she had ever heard of it. What do you think her answer was?

Comment by Nina

Nina! So awesome to see you here!
MMMM- her answer was…she’s never heard of Flickr? What’s a computer? What’s my name?

Comment by katiechatfield

Thanks! No, I guess she knew what Flickr was (sort of), but she had never heard of the bag group–and I’m presuming that it hadn’t occurred to her to look for such a thing when she was putting her book together.

Comment by Nina

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