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Paper flowers
June 21, 2007, 11:45 am
Filed under: Digital Strategy, Get Activist

I’m a huge fan of paper- as a student I was lucky enough to be able to sell my silly papier mache sculptures in quantities large enough to buy first editions. I’ve been part of a team that’s been responsible for creating delightful paper architecture projects for children and I have a serious weekend newspaper addiction.

I don’t print out my emails or any of my documents, I recycle all my publications and dagnammit- I walk to work!

I’ve been quite surprised about the reactions to a letter writing campaign to support an appropriate response to climate change.

I can’t believe that using paper for such a good cause is hypocritical- we’re not fighting for peace here. I’d like to think that each sheet, engraved with a heart felt message has fulfilled its destiny.

A piece of paper is a record. A letter to your political representative is a seed for change. Let a million of them bloom!


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hello! love your site, want to trade blogroll links?

Comment by Business

err…no actually.
Can I give you a piece of advice? Any blogger you send a request to like this is going to get pretty upset with you.
All you’ve managed to do is look like a dumbass.

Comment by katiechatfield

Hello! Love your pet poodle. Want to trade Geraniums?

Comment by Sean Howard

Very nice and complex. I can imagine the hard work that must have gone in to produce this masterpiece.

Comment by Rinka

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