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Asking questions
June 5, 2007, 10:18 am
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Here I was thinking that I was being a little naff in asking questions, lots of questions.

In my trawl for FMCG/CPG case studies I came across a cool bit on the Linked in site that I hadn’t found before-LinkedIn Answers.

There’s heaps of good stuff:

And this: Guy Kawasaki askes a simple question: What should I write my next book about?

Finding all this it made me feel alot better- and not because I have more to draw on but because it really brought home to me that it doesn’t matter who you are, asking questions and listening to all the answers makes you a better marketer.

And if no one wants to share? Then give, give, give!


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Asking questions is one thing – free advice being worth the price paid on occasion – but a Guy Kawasaki should be able to hear what is needed, if not see what is missing, from the people he interacts with. A writer writes what people want to read. What people tell you they want and what they really want is not always the same either.

My thoughts, right or wrong, just my thoughts.

Comment by Roger Anderson

Hi Roger- nice to meet you, thanks for your thoughts- I was hoping someone would join in!
The responses to Guy’s question are interesting- he gets called a pundit, people genuinely give advice and some are there to show off a bit.
It’s a mix of positive and negative responses to his ‘brand’, and some even seem not to know who he is.
Overall it seems a fair representation of the kind of conversations that might occur at a networking event- which accurately mirrors the mindset of members of LinkedIn.
I think you’ve got a lot of ideas here:
Free advice- I’m not sure that asking questions is the same as asking advice (though that is clearly what Guy was doing). One of the elements I like about the Linked in Answers section is that each member has their profile liked to their response. They’re putting their reputation on the line for all the world to see when they join in the conversation.
Hear and See from Interaction: This time I’m not sure there is a difference between asking observing these thing physically and ascertaining them from interactions on the web.
I agree that a writer writes what people want to read- well that would be a good writer. I’m still defending the blogger thing- I write what I want to say.
And finally I couldn’t agree with you more on your last point- it bring to life one of my favourite Henry Ford quotes: “If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.”

Comment by katiechatfield

I can’t click on these links for some reason…

Do I have to be in your circle? And wait… WHY ARENT I IN YOUR CIRCLE????!!! 😉

Comment by Sean Howard

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