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May 28, 2007, 9:01 am
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Mum, you’re my soldier, and have helped me battle through my every war. You’re my inner peace.mum, thank you for everything you've done for me. you mean the world to me =] i love you. thank you mum for simply being mumi love you mum (cassie) is my mum.thanks mum for being a mum. from kane
Mum,Dad   You are   inspirational  thanks for all the jokes and laughter Love you both   StephMum-Thank you for being sacrificing, loving and an inspiration.I love you forever!Lei  Dear Mum,   Thanks for being who you are,   Happy Mother's Day  I love you!  Love Nickymum,   thankyou for always being there at my fingertip and everytime i whisper you're name ILY      You are purely an Angel Mum, Thankyou for always being there i will always love you.
Dear Mum! Thankyou for being the sunshine in my sky. Love you forever... Lauren xothank you percina. Your Austrialian Mum Cassithank you percina. Your Austrialian Mum CassiThankyou mum, for helping me reach my dreamsThank you dad, mum, bec & amanda for always being there, & for always supporting me. luv u heaps.
Thank you for making me feel like I can fly among the cloudsDanke fuer Deine Liebe & Unterstuetzung. Ich liebe Dich Mama.My dearest Graeme,  Thank you for accepting my wedding proposal.  Your Sharnell xoThankyou for taking the scenic route with me 

These images are from the Thank You Project, which is truely lovely in it’s sentiment and almost equally as awful in it’s visual and experience design.

 This online exhibition collects and displays thousands of thankyou notes and images. You can browse the gallery (this is cool! check out the Mum messages, or the great teacher messages, or just thanks to the universe messages) or create a thankyou for someone you know.

Like this:

thanks CK for the bravery, the support, the silliness and the tearsthanks CK for the bravery, the support, the silliness and the tears


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Oh Katie…I’m so proud to know you. And I’m ecstatic that we got to have our (late) night in NYC. Everyone knows you’re wonderful but I was able to tell them just what a smart, beautiful, bold and fun friend I have in you. I can’t wait for more to meet you (and I’ve a really good idea up my sleeve so we can ALL meet). I am saving this thank you card forever…I can only think I did something right in a past life to be worthy of such friends. You absolutely would have loved my momma.

She was very open and giggled a lot (and, like you, had a great accent–but hers was southern to your Australian). I send you so much love and I thank you for my “momma tree”…I cannot wait for you to see it, we can have tea under momma tree ;-).

Comment by CK

This is lovely:

Your thankyou has been posted to The Thankyou Project gallery and will be projected into the night sky on June 1st for the city to see starting at 6pm. Keep posting your thankyous at and keep listening for Thankyou Project updates on-air.
Thanks, The Thank You Project Team.

Comment by katiechatfield

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