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The more things change
May 18, 2007, 6:46 am
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Can you make a difference with out coins?

Ripple is a new project that has found a cunning way of  edirecting internet advertising profits to charity.


These clever kids – Melbourne’s Robin Hoods of IT if you will – also have a search bar on Ripple (with down loadable toolbar) which is powered by Google.

This directs revenue to the website for every search run. Click a little here, a little there, run all your searches from it, and all the while you’re donating money to charity. The price of benevolence has never been so low.


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Ripple just became my default search bar of choice. Thank you… Neat idea.

Comment by Cam Beck

This is an excellent idea and well worth supporting. However I thought I should clarify the revenue from searches.

Google doesn’t direct revenue to Ripple for every search.

Google directs revenue to Ripple only if it earns revenue from a search.

Since Google ads are primarily ‘pay-per-click’ you would need to click on an ad in your search results for them to earn revenue.

Still an excellent initiative. I just wanted to clear up any misconceptions.

PS: Great pic….Where’d you get it?

Comment by Stan Lee

Stan: it’s yours, and links through to the best Flickr set I’ve ever seen on Melbourne stencil work (of which I’m a huge fan). It was in fact the inspiration for this post. Thanks for the extra info- you Melbourne lad are so hot right now!
Cam: I can make no claim on the idea- but I loved it too.

One of my favourite element of the site is the story of how a little goes a long, long way:
When Wateraid provides a community with ongoing and sustainable access to clean water and sanitation the net cost per person is $30. For an individual in the developing world. Over an individual’s lifespan of fifty years (conservative estimate based on World Bank statistics) the average cost to provide water per day is per day $0.0016. For 1c (the lowest amount raised per click this equates to 6.8 days access to clean water and sanitation.

Comment by katiechatfield

An update on Ripple: Unfortunately, Ripple does not earn any money from Google nor do they currently donate any money per search.

This is from the Ripple blog – – June 11th, 2007

“Ripple Search has encountered a couple of issues and ads are no longer appearing on the Google search results page – unfortunately this means that ripple Search is not presently earning money for our charities.”

Comment by McC

Thanks for the update Sean!

Comment by katiechatfield

Hi All,

McC didn’t put all our post up. We said we were working to resolve the problem and it would be fixed in a week.

As of Friday last week ripple search is functioning again and earning revenue for the charities.

I hope you’ll find it useful again! Beta huh.


Comment by Matt

Not sure who Sean is…but it would be great if he could follow up his post on other blogs if has done similarly incomplete summaries elsewhere.

Comment by Matt

Matt- I will email Sean and make sure he get the news personally. Thanks for keeping us all across the news.

Comment by katiechatfield

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