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Make those numbers dance
May 4, 2007, 8:01 am
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Joseph Jaffe was in town this week. He dropped his balls (you had to be there), fought some dinosaurs (hooray!) and held court in his self depreciating chap-tastic fashion.  Interested and interesting wins in my book,  and he has had double servings of both for breakfast.

It was quite an experience to watch him skillfully acknowledging the old school resists to his message, while still challenging the assumptions and prompting innovation testing.

It seems that marketers do want to do something different and join the conversation. Unsurprisingly they don’t want to spend their budgets on projects that might not get results. 

What they want to do most is create the old sales spike. Not a long term brand building proposition sure, but when the average tenure of a CMO is 23.2 months there doesn’t seem to be much incentive to create long term value.

Evaluation modelling is really the key here- which combination of the digital channels, or as Jaffe would say, which of the 93 crayons can you use to create the best picture for your brand?

I’m a maths fiend. I love how you can make numbers dance and tell a story and there’s a creativity to crafting a series of premises that a financially driven board can follow. I’m looking forward to new metrics on a brand by brand basis beyond TARPS and CPM.

The only figure worth a damn is TWB (time with brand). You win if people choose to hang out with you and you loose if they ignore you. Thanks for the juice Mr Jaffe!

Thanks XKCD for the pic.

Thanks also to Paul for last name vigilance.


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You got you some last name issues, shouty! It’s jaffe, not jaffee. 🙂

Sounds like ya’ll had fun though. Did you discuss who had the cooler accent?

Comment by Paul McEnany

That’s right, it’s Jaff”e”, or is it eJaffe 🙂

Was great to meet you Katie.

Love your blog!

Comment by Joseph Jaffe

Crap! Sorry!
What can I say- to much coffeeeeeee today?

Comment by katiechatfield

I think everyone calls him ‘jaffee’ the first time, Shouty Lady. He’s a one-name blogging celebrity.

Comment by Mack Collier

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