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April 23, 2007, 10:35 am
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I went to an event last week to launch a new research paper. A bit dull and sales-y but what made my ears prick up was a bit of a stat outlining that while younger types below 25 define themselves by the brand of  “personal stuff'” they choose to buy, those between 25-35 have a growing preference of ‘no discernible label’.

“Gadzooks!  That’s me ” I thought. “Finally I’m part of a trend”.

I love interesting, bespoke, unique and no one knows where I got it stuff. Well designed stuff. Stuff that’s created by the imagination and brought to reality by a couple of people. Stuff that gives you insight to the boundless energy and imagination of motivated people. Great Stuff. So I’m starting a new category on this blog and sharing some of the people that I find who inspire me.


In each issue of Dumbo Feather five remarkable individuals tell you their stories. Their backgrounds and dreams are as unique as they are but what unites them is their creativity, passion and integrity, and somewhere they found the courage to fly. In their own words they tell you how they discovered their passion, what inspires them, the lows as well as the highs on the journey and ultimately why they do what they do.

Each person’s passion is unique whether it’s baking the best 100% natural sourdough bread in the world, producing fabulous fashion in remote Northern Pakistan, writing poetry, making music, fighting for human rights, finding a cure for malaria, painting, choreographing, exploring, wine making, film making…

Dumbo feather respects its readers, the environment (by printing on 100% recycled paper using soy-based inks by one of the most eco-friendly printers in the country), and its contributors’ work.

Don’t just take my word for it. Read reviews of the mag at Lovemarks


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Wow -thanks for this. Lovely.

Comment by Emily

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