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Ordinary ugliness and everyday beauty
March 28, 2007, 10:08 pm
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Yesterday was a Bollywood extravaganza on the Blogsphere- very ordinary ugliness, hints at machiavellian plots and threats of foul murder (I just can’t believe what’s going on over at Creating Passionate Users, Kathy is a source of great kindness and support).

….and yet….
I found Elizabeth Perry’s lovely Woolgathering site which is a wellspring of quiet vision and gentle observation. She shares her delicate watercolours everyday and graces us with her mantra: Looking, Thinking, Drawing, Being.

….and yet…
Gavin, Paul and David and a posse of good sorts joined in on a Twitter call for Marsupial Madness- and a show of what makes this community of bloggers great. They , en mass, chose to change their photo personas to the small furry creatures who inhabit my continent- a burst of fabulous silliness.

I’m a big believer that silliness and beauty outweighs ugliness.

In true American Beauty style, being ordinary is a great fear of the deeply shallow and insecure, and that fear expresses itself in many ugly ways. On the Blogshere ugliness can hide, but so many wonderful flowers bloom.


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why the hell are you not on twitter, yet?

C’mon shouty!

Comment by Paul McEnany

Twitter is interesting, as Drew said to me today … sometimes we use it to talk insight/ideas, sometimes to share links and other times just to connect and engage on a more human level. Just go for the web only option … or those SMS bills will kill you.

Comment by Gavin Heaton

All right! You win Twitterati!

Comment by katiechatfield

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