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Eco Warriors
March 17, 2007, 4:54 am
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In the rush towards green living, it makes sense that eco-crusaders would eventually turn to the other booming elements of popular culture to get their message across. Today, it’s gaming that’s come over all conscientious.A series of films posted on YouTube uses the form of Machinima – the production of mini films employing computer game characters – to make a serious point for eco-brand of the century Fair Trade. Our favourite shows trade within massively multiplayer online role-playing game World of Warcraft, in which one character is cheated out of his rightful payment as more and more middlemen get involved. The films make their point nicely, and were produced by Edinburgh-based machinima specialists Strange Company

Equally interestingly, 2007 has seen the launch of what we reckon is the first non-profit publisher of videogames. OneBigGame  is aiming to sell videogames in order to raise funds for children’s charities.

By playing games published by the company, according to the website, ‘young game consumers around the globe will effectively be helping their disadvantaged age counterparts across other parts of the world and improving the likelihood that these other children will one day be able to.. do what all children should be doing: play.’

The company will be focusing mostly on small casual games which can be constructed in short periods of time and donated by developers.

‘Any little pet project that you have running in your studio and that you think fits our portfolio is welcome’. The game is then published on the OneBigGame casual games portal.It’s an interesting idea, combining not only the notions of user-generated content and charitable enterprise, but also the potential to become a useful recruitment tool for developers. MTV described it as ‘Band Aid for the games industry’. We hope their office is Bono-proof.

In other news – 42 Entertainment’s Jane McGonigal is constructing an Alternate Reality Game aimed at saving the planet. It looks intriguing, and McGonigal’s past efforts in this area have been nothing more than ground-breaking. Waste time at work, meet new people, solve puzzles and save the planet here:

via Contagious Magazine


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