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Everyday People
March 13, 2007, 9:16 am
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Travelling down to Melbourne last week to pitch I saw the entire Australia Post on the Qanta inflight. Lovely- it’s quirky, real, gentle and proud.

Campaign Brief reports that it’s the first time in over eight years Australia Post has gone to air with a brand campaign, which consists of seven 30 second spots. Two units shot for 16 days in 39 different locations to create these tvcs which brings us up to date with what the company does today. There is a different execution for every day of the week and a media schedule that plays them that way.

I can’t say how many conversations I’ve had about this campaign- what is the call to action? How will it translate into tactical expressions?

I think that the connection thought expressed in the TVC  is so much more than just an education piece. It outlines more than just the benefits of the company, like the joy of recieving letters, it really underpinns how well Australia Post understands Australians, the ebb and flow of our daily lives and how we identify ourselves to ourselves.

 The website is so dissapointing. There is no reason for ‘everyday’ suddenly to become ‘ordinary’ because it’s online. How did the message change from ‘every day people’ to ‘totally empty workstation’?

Such a wasted opportunity to listen to stories, allow interaction and exploration, and build on a fantastic emotional base.


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Do you think it is a wasted opportunity or did they just spend all the money on TV and forget that the web is where you build your brand?

Comment by Gavin Heaton

Can you forget what you don’t know or don’t understand?

Comment by katiechatfield

I was very interested to read your comments regarding Australia Post’s advertising campaign. You mentioned you had had conversations re this. I would like to know what people think of the ads. Do they find them vague? Would they like to know more. Also, you normally don’t comment on ads, why this one?

Comment by Darrion Keith

G’day Darrion. People seem to love the ads but don’t ‘get’ what they’re for. I think they’re very clever at getting Aussie Post top of mind and outlining the services. I’m commenting because of the interruption between the promise of the ATL and the delivery of a great experience online- inspiring mapping and integrating this is my ‘dayjob’.
Thanks for reading. Why the interest?

Comment by katiechatfield

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