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Taking a pretty good hammer to a Venn diagram
March 5, 2007, 2:21 am
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Sean is a legend. He’s brought to life my simple Venn diagram in a way that not only explores how to express the process in a pretty charming way (Lego consumer= tops!) but has increased my own understanding exactly what I was trying to say.

It is not only this:

“the opportunity that presents itself when we look for overlap between the Brand Position, Business Goals, Consumer Interests, and the Promise.  Aiming to be inside this area makes great sense.  It’s the point at which all the vectors unite.

But this as well:

I see the “Promise” being the tangible manifestation driving out to the community that is populated by content and interaction by and between the brand and consumers. It is the interaction of these two communities, brought together by a Position that bring the Promise to life:

Huggies and parents work together on the Position of good parenting and the Promise of sharing best practice

Dove and women work together on the Position of self esteem and the Promise that beauty is an internal expression.

Loving the blogsphere today!


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Thank Katie!

Wow. Great points! I love love love the examples! My latest is to work on a model of the brand as a story and I am SO going to look to include these as test cases.

I think we agree on the importance on the overlap between Promise and the other 3 elements (mainly because I stole them from you – grin). So I guess the question is how we color/define the role of the Promise.

And my intention was not to argue against the Promise being a loud voice outward. Rather it was to define the relationship between the Promise and the center arena within which we desire to build our campaings/relationships.

If my model was valid, then it might suggest that Huggies promise and effort “Sharing best practices” actually strengthens the position of “Good Parenting”. Which I think it does.

And Dove’s promise of “beaty [as] an internal expression” supports or proves their position of “self esteem”.

But again… I wouldn’t have built tiddle if it wasn’t for your original venn diagram!

Comment by Sean Howard

When you combine Sean’s lego model with Sacrum’s brand warmness … you end up with something quite special!

Comment by Gavin Heaton

Sean- thanks again for your thoughts. We are having an agree-a-rama about the relationship between the promise and the position.

Gavin- you are a clever clogs!

Everyone else- check out the size of Gavin’s brain here:

Comment by katiechatfield

Uh oh. I’ve gone from love-in to agree-a-thon. I better stop while I’m ahead. 😉 😉

Comment by Sean Howard

Oh dear Sean- you are ahead. I’m not quite sure if you know this but ‘legend’ is about the highest accolade in the Australian vernacular.
So glad you liked the Fame game too. An appreciation of the fine art of silliness gives you extra points.

Comment by katiechatfield

Loved the fame game!!!

Thanks Katie! Can’t wait to see where all of this thinking leads!!

Comment by Sean Howard

HellO katie,
thanks for sharing i love the venn diagram would you been having a high resolution or a pdf of the diagram .kindly let me know.Thanks again


Comment by ducan

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