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February 27, 2007, 2:47 am
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Thanks to the brilliant minds over at Creating Passionate Users for the diagram above which I found following a link from Hugh’s Gaping Void.

The insight: It’s not about how much your product engages with the customer. It’s about how much your product allows your customer to engage with other people. As Kathy Sierra says in her brilliant post, “Success no longer has to be a meritocracy (or advertocracy), today it’s just as much a loveocracy.”

I’m a big fan of the old Venn diagram, to map and create intersection between brands and consumers. Yesterday I used this diagram from Richard’s Adliterate blog:


(And as Gavin is no longer within taunting distance from my desk I can only assume that we’re posting on the same diagram as an example of BSP. I found it among the fab resources at the Planner Wiki).

I find myself thinking how digital content ‘lives’ in the minds of consumers, by fulfilling a promise of the brand and making it tangible (‘the position’), and I’m loving the way the two diagrams can talk to each other :


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Bloody hell thats good

Comment by Richard

thanks Richard- you’re not so bad yourself!

Comment by katiechatfield

OK .. you two … what is this a loveocracy?

Seriously good stuff Katie.

Comment by Gavin Heaton

Gavin pointed me here.
So I clicked
And I came
And was amazed.

Gavin pointed me here.
So I’m stealing this
And packing my bags.
A new world beckons.

Comment by Sean Howard

steal, build, reference, quote, attribute…

noice one bruffas!

Comment by katiechatfield

Building a brand out of legos.

I’ve continued to mull over the models for approaching brand communications that I posted about just the other day.  And Dave made a great request;  that I better define and explain the models I’m working with and, more importantly, that I use Leg…

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Hi all!


Comment by Test

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