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My Sally Field Moment
January 25, 2007, 6:02 am
Filed under: Digital Strategy

Sandy over at Purple Wren, inspired (as we all are) by Mack Collier and his Z list blogger meme.

I can’t tell you how chuffed I am to be there with David Armano, Evil Paul, the ever lovely CK and the tremendously silly and supportive Gavin Heaton. My soapbox just wouldn’t exist without his prompting.

You can click on all the pictures and find some new blogs and great ideas. I’m four across and three down.

This is of course put into perspective by the fact that one of my biggest referrers is a site that contains not much more content than short videos by a naked cowgirl. Odd but strangely apt.


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Evil Paul? Me? I am DEEPLY offended! 🙂

Comment by Paul McEnany

I like Evil Paul…he is a badass, after all :-). Sandy did a beautiful job indeed. Mack just rocks for starting this and Gav is just too good a guy, eh? It was so great to meet Armano in NY last Oct. so I can’t WAIT to meet you this week (woo-hoo!).

Such a good bunch, we’re blessed.

Comment by CK

Yes the Naked Cowgirl TV site has been a big referrer 😉 This is what I was talking about with traffic vs. readership. Cowgirl is sending me traffic, but not many readers 😉

Comment by Mack Collier

[…] reference point is this post about being featured on the Z-list, and it’s a reference to the line in Sally […]

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