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Don’t call Helen Coonan names-she’ll spend $5 million more
January 19, 2007, 6:35 am
Filed under: Digital Strategy

Reported by WARC today is this:

CANBERRA: The Australian government is to launch a multi-million dollar campaign to persuade the public that regional access to broadband is not, in Rupert Murdoch’s words, a “disgrace”.
The attack appears to have stung communications minister Helen Coonan into action – that and the prospect of a general election later this year. She says the government expects to spend up to A$5 million on the campaign, including advertising

The Australian Government has now raised $45.8 billion from the three Telstra sales. The country’s average broadband speed ranks at 25th among OECD countries. Over 80% of Australians live in 6 urban centres.

How about spending some of that cashola and investing it in the services that Australian people want to use and need to have in order to to remain competitive?

My vote for the Dumbass of the Week Award goes to Helen ‘I’d rather spend your dollars making a tiny part of the population feel better than fix the problem’ Coonan.


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