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My kinda town?
January 16, 2007, 12:52 am
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Well here I am in Chicago. I’ve left behind the Sydney shore, where you wouldn’t  be prosecuted for being on a beach without lifeguards. And there probably isn’t much of a likelihood of snow either. At least not on the shore.

I’ve been here for a couple of days now and have mostly got over the jet lag. Mind you, with the drone of the central heating, it can still feel like I’m on the plane.  

The Bears are still in the playoffs, I’ve found a great organic market and the backyard is white with snow. Bring it on Chicago!


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I hear the windy city is mighty pretty.

At least you have good company. Be sure to give those Chicago bloggers a nipple cripple for me 😉

Comment by Gavin Heaton

Hey there… I’m a Chi-town blogger! Hope you’re enjoying your stay. We’re having Chicago Coffee Morning this Friday; will you be in town?

Comment by Clay Parker Jones

I dare you to break that rule. Be a rebel and go for a skinny dip.

Have fun and keep warm.

Comment by Sam

Welcome to the USA dear…sorry it’s so cold. NYC has been going through a warm spell but the cold is coming. I can’t wait to meet you and Chi-town is a fabulous town!

Comment by CK

A belated welcome to Chicago. I’ll have to start going to those coffee mornings again that Clay organizes. Maybe we’ll run into each other.

Comment by David Armano

I dare you to break that rule. Be a rebel and go for a skinny dip.

Comment by No Name

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