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Viral memes
December 11, 2006, 11:06 pm
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Gavin the Terrible has tagged me with a viral meme. Ewwww!

Each person who is tagged has to divulge five personal things that most people don’t know. You then have to tag five others.   Five things:

1 My friends know me as Fiend. Enough said.

2 I am a dyed in the wool foodie, my pate is famous and I can tackle a 10 course degustation with matching wines midweek. I am always in charge of chocolate for gatherings.

3 My brothers and I all live walking distance from each other even though we all grew up in a different city.

4 Life without exercise is very noisy. Without at least half an hour of strenuous activity my brain is a little like a yapping terrier. The benefits are a thousand fold.

5 I played flute in an orchestra for five years. I worked in the music industry for nearly 10. Tours, awards, rock star hangovers- all that nonsense. They say you should find your passion and find out how to make a living out of it. ‘They’ are wrong. You should find you passion and feed it yourself. Never, NEVER sell it.

I’ve tagged

Paul and you can read his response here

AngryMan– and you can read his response here

Seb fellow Sydney coffee morning regular and all round interested and interesting guy has left his 5 in the comments section

Vando has been quiet- probably because I can’t seem to leave a message for him (drat you Blogger!)

Christy is a little busy right now to keep her blog up to date but she has one of the most beautiful daughters on the planet so I’ll forgive her


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Ahh! Nice!

What did you do in the music industry?

Comment by Paul McEnany

Too much, always too much

Comment by katiechatfield

And like it’s easy to email you direct. Email and tell me where you want me to send my 5 unknowns.

Comment by angryman

1. When I was in the womb, the Dr thought I was twins. It turned out that I just had a large head.
2. My GG Grandfather was a convict and my GG Grandmother is Aboriginal.
3. I had a crush on Ariel the Little Mermaid in the Disney film of the same name.
4. I am friends with Chris de Burgh of Lady in red fame.
5. I recently learned how to make Matzo ball soup.

Comment by seb

wrong url doh!

Comment by seb

So who did you tag?

Comment by Gavin Heaton

Hi Katie, just saying to Gav that I’m back in the land of client side, 5 days a week, working like a navvy, marketing role. So my coffee mornings have come to an end. Almost Damien Martyn-like. In the team one day, gone the next. It will have to be a virtual sharing of caffeine from here.

Surprised you can’t get through on Blogger??!

Seb, that first comment made me laugh.

OK Katie, you asked for it, I am about to start on FIVE AMAZING FACTS over at the recliner….

Comment by Vando

[…] waaaaaaaaay back in December I was tagged with a meme, which was to reveal 5 personal things that most people don’t know about […]

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Good luck with your site in the future!a

Comment by vikyi

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