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November 28, 2006, 6:58 am
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I want to believe something that makes my chest hurt.  It seems that a lot of people do.

 Hugh MacLeod from Gaping Void is asking for 500 word manifestos.

Submission guidelines here. The manifesto archive is here.

Here’s some edited highlights

Seth Godin:

Does it take 500 words to change things?

Probably not. It probably takes less than a hundred, plus a secret ingredient.

The secret ingredient is your desire to actually do something about it. To take action, to believe that it’s worthwhile, to confront what feels like a risk but really isn’t. The secret ingredient is to ignore excuses, abandon procrastination and stop looking for proof.

Julien Smith:

P.T. Barnum said “There’s a sucker born every minute,” but it’s high time we realized that these days, for every minute, the sucker in someone is withering away. Now, with every passing minute, there’s a sucker out there wising up. You had better be ready. It’s a sucker revolution, and it’s about time.

Karma is taking a virtually physical presence in our communities and mindspace. We know not only that we don’t like a company, but also why we don’t like it… or if we don’t, finding out is just a few keystrokes away.

Mike Peter Reed:

 Don’t listen to them just because they are talking. Don’t learn how to be dumb. Before you let them into your mind find out if they have anything to say or if they are just saying anything. Don’t just listen, be attentive.

You cannot live forever, and the greatest of empires will crumble. With every action or inaction, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, you steer the future of a world that will resonate throughout the universe for eternity.

 And a ten minute manifesto by Thomas R. Clifford:

1.    Why?  Keep asking it.  Crystallize why you are here…in eight words or less.  Your life depends on it.

2.    Inspire someone to do something positive in their life.

3.    Blogging changes how you see the world.  How you see the world changes your blogging. 

4.    Create something meaningful…even if it benefits a few.

5.    Spend some time each day in silence.  Discover the world within yourself.  The answers are not “out there.”  “Out there” is “in here.”  See #6.

6.    Quantum physics changes the game entirely.  Take the time to find out why.

7.    Be a “Perpetual Student” of Life…you know a lot less than you think you do.

8.    Brand yourself.  People are doing it for you, anyways.

9.    When you think you’ve “got it,” you probably don’t.  Ask a different question to get a different answer.  See #1.


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Nice collection, Katie. The message in your image is spot on. Shout it from the rooftops!

Comment by Cam Beck

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