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Falling Down
November 24, 2006, 8:36 am
Filed under: Zeitgeist

I wanted to comment on UGC and show the picture and it’s story (in the post below Beauty= Truth) as an example of expression (in conversation with the video blog piece) in our 2.0 Share Economy (I’ll reference CK too!)

Note: CK reminded me that it is Vaspers that named the Share Economy.

I assure you that they’ll be hypertext love and linkages. I might even get to a conclusion.

But I’m not at my desk and I can’t remember any of my passwords….ANY

Sob. It would be great if my google/flickr ID gave me access to my blog account.

This makes me think of a couple things I know for sure about falling down:

    • You walk away bruised, humbled and a little bit smarter.
    • You only ever have to get up once more than you fall over.

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What an adorable set of pics. Thanks for referencing me darlin’…but Vaspers is the one whose got me singing “share economy”, so I can’t take the credit but it sure does resonate on all fronts.

There’s lots of falling down. It’s a pain in the butt. I’m told it’s growth. Keep getting back up. And keep shoutin’, eh?

Comment by CK

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