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November 10, 2006, 1:44 am
Filed under: Zeitgeist

north sydney lamppost 2, originally uploaded by Illuminata.

Is it personal?
Is it from the heart?
Is it believable?

Does it go beyond the one to one and say something about what it means to be human?
Does the simple expression of the message draw a smile?


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no offense but i’d say its fake! i would get so mad if does this to me * shrug*

Comment by shenyue

In my opinion, ‘baby’ is the term of ‘endearment’ given to a lover whose name you can’t be bothered to learn. I would never accept that from any lover – never mind the obvious implications of pedophilia. Why is it so popular? The note itself is all too reminiscent of “Sorry I punched you in the face, I promise I won’t do it again. Except they couldn’t say it out loud, in person.

Above and beyond that, though, is the idea I can’t dismiss, that an apology is really just a cop-out. If you don’t mean it, then stop doing it. Otherwise, I can only assume that what you’re sorry about is the ‘having to deal with the consequences of your actions’ bit.

What humanity do you see here? Maybe it’s just my current negative state that is clouding my ability to see any.

Comment by mcp

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