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Would you like a small dash of Get Stuffed with your Shut the Hell Up?
November 3, 2006, 6:17 am
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YOU know who you are.

 Brand Autopsy outlines Bob Sutton’s THE NO ASSHOLE RULE

Learn more by watching this short video  where Bob explains the concept.

Institutionalised Rudeness by Sociopaths (IRS from now on) is far from OK. In fact IRS is so far from OK it is huddling in a yurt in Outer Siberia. With no booze. And no friends.

And it’s not invited to any tzushy end of year drinks parties either. It’s banned. Passe.

In addition the “Punch In The Face” motivation technique is also banned. Previously thought to inspire the creative class to consistently meet the 20 hours overtime barrier, it has been recognised as an illegal tool of IRS and is now a Taser-able offence.

If you have been subject to IRS, or any suspect ‘motivation’ techniques, you can apply for your branded taser (which can also do double duty as an attractive cocktail shaker).

Bring it on.


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Hey Katie, interesting vid and philosophy.

I think DDB have the same philosophy when hiring talent (probably just words than an actual hiring process. How do you screen out an asshole?!)

Quite like the guys quote about choosing the things to be indifferent to…the ones that aren’t important.

Comment by Vando

Fighting for what you believe in is hard. Sometimes not fighting is even harder.
Thanks for reading Vando!

Comment by katiechatfield

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