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Karma Credits- join today!
October 27, 2006, 3:22 am
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Man I love passion with a purpose. This week there’s been a brilliant conversation, a sentiment and spirit that has been growing in momentum and seems to be about to flower.


I seriously cheered when I read Paul’s post this morning which is summed up by his lines:

Until we pick today to stand up for the good we can do, the power we have to empower, then we have only ourselves to blame.  We have a burden to not accept the excuses and finger pointing, and purge and shun those with only one aim, to selfishly gain.

Today does seem to be a very good day to start things. Have just got back from a coffee salon set up by Emily from Conformists Unite. Conversation ranged from the viral spread of football chants to being a first time parent. Lovely to meet a circle of like minds. This will be happening every Thursday- so please come and join in if you are in Sydney.

Excitingly we were able to workshop an idea that came of this week’s blogsphere, office rants, an article that Gavin posted here, and a couple of my own posts and discussions.  What really seemed to ignite a bit of a spark was the notion of “karma credits” (which is what I call the stuff I do for Embrace International).

Gavin already has had a number of people respond to his article “A W3C for Marketing 2.0” who have put up their hands to make a difference. has been registered!


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I smell a little revolution!

Comment by Paul McEnany

Damn straight! What do they say about little acorns? Let’s grow an oak tree to provide some much needed shade on this parched old world of ours.

Comment by katiechatfield

OK shouty girl … the site is online. Come join the fun!

Comment by Gavin Heaton

Love the “karma credits” concept!

Comment by Ann Handley

It literally infuriates me when I heard the ‘marketing is evil’ line being used. BS, marketing is an INCREDIBLE empowerment tool, in the hands of the right people, that give a damned.

BTW I am subscribing to this blog simply because it has the best blog title EVER!

Comment by Mack Collier

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