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The personal IS political
October 23, 2006, 6:01 am
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A sad day for Australian politics. Natasha Stott-Despoja, who remains the youngest woman ever elected to a Federal Parliament has resigned to spend more time with her family.
We’re losing one of our most committed Senators and our loss is definately her young family’s gain. She received more press over her choice of foowear than her choice of words or causes and  withstood a firestorm of media attention when she became the leader of the Australian Democrats. I wish that it were better known that she fights tirelessly for the rights of refugees, to give agency to young people and consistently speaks with compassion, intelligence and humility in a place that often lacks all three.

She celebrates the multitude of choices that come with modern Oz society. How great it would be if she, and women like her, were equally as supported in their choice for a public life and to have children

Natasha had no expectations of tenure: “My whole life will not be spent in Parliament. I think that’s really important, that people move on, do other things and come in at different stages of life. So I hope that maybe in some small way I’ve encouraged other younger people to get in and make a difference.”

Thank you  for your service, and let’s hope that you you can inspire the  in-house child care solution that is needed if we are to continue to hear young women’s voices and allow their passion to inform our Parliament. And our lives.


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Yes a very sad day! Not only do we lose one of the few women in the Australian parliament … but we lose one of the sharpest minds and committed activists of a generation. Those are big Doc Martens to fill.

Comment by Gavin Heaton

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