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Friends can make you fly
October 19, 2006, 8:01 am
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Jumping the sun on the salt flats, originally uploaded by Lars Kristian Schjønhaug.

There are two knee trembling phrases that cause dinosaur marketers to show the whites of their eyes: “Ceed control to consumers” and “Share control of your brand”

How does a brand DO this? Is it really such a scary prospect? It’s all about redefining the nature of the communication and the relationship between the brand and the consumer. Start thinking of your consumers as you would your best friend.

You don’t ceed control to your best mate- that relationship just isn’t about power or heirarchy. You want to be in your friend’s their life, you want them to shine and have adventures and share their stories and their time with you. You want to be there for them and make their life easier.

Great friends make life easier and more enjoyable, they understand and anticipate. Brands need to think-: how am I adding value to my friends today?


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Hi Katie,

I love the idea of this. Customer Friendship instead of CRM/CEM. It really encompasses both of those as a concept. Definitely bodes for further thinking. Hmmm.

I don’t see an about page for you. Can you tell me about yourself?


Comment by Ardath Albee

Getting friendly with your customers? What an outrageous concept! Next you will be wanting us to offer them coffee while they are waiting. What kind of cafe do you think we are running here?

Comment by Gavin Heaton

Our customers are our friends and you’re right in this point!

I always try to treat them so. It’s difficult sometimes cause we have to put all our efforts to make their idea stand up an go 😉 But it’s always a pleasure.

And besides, we should note that in such a relationship we should always keep straight in our goals cause sometimes we break the rules of the game as we do with our friends. And this is not good with customers. So I would call our relationships “Corporate friendship”. And they are really working.

Comment by Julia Dorofeeva

Hi Julia

Thanks for welcoming a newbie!

I’ve been working on conceptualising the relationship between brands and their customers for a while- some brands are Dads, some are best mates, some are that fun couple that you meet on holiday….I do love a face and a name to hang a rationale for interaction.

I like to start with friendship as the concept of ‘chosen family’ is really the key- we define ourselves by who we choose to hang out with. You don’t have the same friendship over and over again- each new friend satisfies another aspect of our personalities.
Thanks for reading and a bigger thanks for posting.

Comment by katiechatfield

Very amazing site! I wish I could do something as nice as you did…mary

Comment by Economy news and blog

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