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Activism or Astroturfing?
August 23, 2006, 7:18 am
Filed under: Zeitgeist

Activism 2.0 is a wonderful thing. There are many examples of social networking communities purpose built for people who use the web to either lobby for a cause or to connect  to make a difference. Kiva is a micro-finance lending site, Youth Action Net allows kids to explore a range of issues and gives them tools  like website builders and action tool kits to do something about what they care about. The message and the ability to do something are closely linked and in the hands of the user.

In contrast is astroturfing , which is essentially manufacturing a movement that looks like it comes from ‘the people’.

Get Outta My Face is a collective planning on collecting 10,000 videos from kids. The idea is good- get kids involved in creating the messages that will make a difference to healthy eating. This team then plans on compiling the videos together to make a documentary. Instead of building a community where kids can see and share, build and grow this team will compile these videos into a documentary.

The digital and media experience, communication tools and expertise in online networking and relationships means that young people don’t need anyone to edit their stories- just a place to publish them.


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