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Act faster, think smarter
April 2, 2006, 7:15 am
Filed under: Digital Strategy

“My media” is all about consumer-generated content, immediacy, personalisation and interactivity and there’s been a host of discussion about this new wave of marketing communication all week.

 Adnews and Bandt outline how both advertising agencies and publishers can catch this wave of bottom-up management and communication tactics by weaving communities into their products and services, and becoming a part of a living fabric of brand loyalists. 

The emotional connection that this can create is very strong.

Motorola’s PEBL Pond allows you to share a discovery and make an impact by “starting a ripple”- engraving a skipping stone with a personal message. You can also access the messages that other people have left behind, from the philosophical to the bizarre.

The interface is simple and beautiful- it gives a real experience of what holding the phone might be like and the kind of person that might own one. The content is constantly and organically updated by people who are being inspired by the brand experience.

The CARE Power Circle uses similar interactivity to allow people who show support: by adding names and messages to the site you join a global movement dedicated to ending poverty. The Get Involved section of the site is the perfect counter to the argument that the web cannot create the same emotional connection of a TVC. The many personal stories and messages of support from Mogadishu to Montreal are a testiment to the strong call to action.

It is the brands that think smarter that allow consumers the chance to participate and be involved in message creation, and at the same time they invite this audience to act faster on their committment to their brand


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